the person BEHIND the LENS

She has always been attracted by beauty in all its forms, as a child growing up in a small countryside her contemplated nature and always brought home wildflowers with some small new friends, usually they were snails. The artistic career started behind the backstage of fashion and tv, as a professional make-up artist, and this aspect of fashion to this day is an important part of her creative path.

In 2013 she started shooting as a hobby, but it's been 2015 Carolina started portraying people.

Fashion enters path again, with a fashion photography workshop with master Eugenio Recuenco in Spain. The first wedding was in 2017 in Madrid after obtaining a Master in International Wedding photography, after this first marriage it was the beginning of a new career path that she is proud to carry on. Since then she has photographed many couples around Europe. From Spain, Portugal, London, Denmark and finally Italy, a destination for foreign couples for beautiful Weddings and Elopements, always with a goal in mind to document love, simply in an elegant way and to convey all her passion and professionalism.

"To look at a thing is very different from seeing a thing. One does not see anything until one sees its beauty."

With a high aesthetic sense and care for romantic details, Carolina Sandoval has been able to get noticed in the Wedding industry both in Italy and in Europe. With her photography and her sensitivity you will be guided in this magnificent experience and you will be enveloped by her warmth and empathy, Carolina's extraordinary vision will make your memories indelible over time.